Casa Augsburg
Casa Augsburg

Behaviour Rules

We kindly ask you not to forget the electrical devices in gear when leaving the room, unless those with continous operating;

Please let the Reception Desk know about any damages caused to the goods in your room;

When leaving the room, please always lock the door;

Other persons are not allowed to enter your room, unless they have the receptionist consent;

If you do not wish to be disturbed by our maids, please hang the “do not disturb” sign situated in the wardrobe, on the doorknob outside your door ;

If you do not wish to receive telephone calls, please inform our receptionist once you are available to receive phone calls again;

The access of any person to the restaurant with any kind of drinks bought from outside the hotel is not permitted;

The access with pets is not allowed;

The access to wellness of any person is allowed only on the basis of the membership card accompanied by your identity card;

The membership card is not transmissible;

If anyone but the authorized person is using the membership card, this will be cancelled;

Within our centre, some clients are relaxing, others are concentrating. So we kindly ask you to speak in a lower voice.

Taking a shower before doing sauna, steam bath and massage is necessary.

In order to avoid the slipping danger when you are using the sauna and the steam bath, we will kindly ask you to wear the proper slippers

It is necessary using a towel when you are doing sauna, (the recommended towel size is 140X70 cm);

The access of any person suffering from flu or any other kind of contagious disease is not recommended.


All these rules are in your interest.
Thank you!