Casa Augsburg
Casa Augsburg


Located in Campina, at 7 km far away from, The Iulia Hasdeu Castle was built between 1893-1896 by our most known philologist, writer and folklorist, Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu , in order to keep alive his daughter’s memory.

Within the castle, The B.P. Hasdeu Museum awaits to be discovered. Here the visitors can admire not only the most valuable paintings signed by the Romanian painter Nicolae Grigorescu, but also, a lot of furnishing pieces belong to Hasdeu family, manuscripts, photos and so on.

Another very attractive touristic place we recommend to visit is Nicolae Grigorscu Memorial Museum. Being also placed in Campina, the museum was organized within the painter’s house itself and people were allowed to visit it beginning with 1957.

Varoius paintings and sketches covering almost his entire period of creatin (such as The Barbizon, The Independence War) can be seen within the artist’s studio. Around one hundred paintings are exhibited here in one real, original frame (picture) and very suggestive of this century beginning.

The Arhitectural Medieval Complex Brebu

Founded in the 18th century The Arhitectural Medieval Brebu is located in the very heart of Brebu village centre and includes three buildings: one bell tower of 27m height, The History Museum „ Casa Domneasca” and one church – all of them very important arhitectural monuments indeed. At present, The History Museum „Casa Domneasca” brings into our attention documents dated since 17th and 18th centuries. The collection included moreover a lot of distinguished arts pieces such as: antique icons, robes, manorial ribbed cotton suits, period adornements and jewelleries. Because of their value and rarity all these aged arts pieces confer authenticity to the exhibition.

The Old Church of Crasna Monastery

It was founded by the nobleman Constantin Dinu Parlogea named „The Abbot” of the monastery afterwards.

The way to Crasna Monastery takes around two hours and half or three hours, getting away from Slanic Prahova, but going through Grosani, Schiulesti village and Valea Crasnei. You can come back on the way to Maneciu Ungureni.


To get there you have to go about 10 km from CASA AUGSBURG, but you will have no regrets because the varied and beautiful landscapes regardless of season ( numerous valleys crossed by rivers ) and moderate climate are only few reasons to spent sometime here.

Slanic Prahova

One more place to go for holiday is Slanic Prahova, a balneary resort where you can visit “The Salt Mountain” (the only one in the entire world) and the biggest salt mine in Europe.

Sightseeings in Slanic Prahova: Grohotis Mountains, Piatra Verde, Short walkings about 30 minutes to: Fantana Rece – sub Cetate, Fantana lui Dusman, Fantana Gogon.