Casa Augsburg
Casa Augsburg

Club welness Outdoor pool

The pure strength of water

Where would the wonderful lightness of being be more noticeable than in and around water itself?

You can enjoy the benefic effects of water anytime because our heated outdoor pool is every time at your disposal. Here you can find the rest you just need. When the force of gravity is non-existent and one can float about, that’s when the feeling of well-being can freely develop and the soul is replenished. Moreover, the swimming is not only an attractive and enjoyable activity, but also an antistress cure which will fortify furthermore your muscles. The strength of water stimulates the body’s fat processing faculty and purges the area of toxins. Cellulite is reduced, the skin becomes smooth, firm and better toned.

It is also equipped with a nozzle massage system creating water and air jets developed to accelerate blood circulation, inducing relaxation and skin becomes tighter.

Technical data: size: 10 x 5 m, depth: 1.35 m, temperature: 25 degrees during summer

Regarding the technical data of the swimming pool, it is important to notice it has as endowment a modern system of filtering the water-the OSPA system. Taking into account the filtering capacity of 25 m 3/hour the swimming pool is endowed with, the entire quantity of water is changed every three hours.